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Whittaker Report

Gardening – The Seasons of Our Lives

By Dean Whittaker

There is a season for most things. Currently, it is the season of cultivating and planting. Gardening is a great metaphor for what we do in economic development and throughout life.

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Trends in Aging Care

By Jami Gibson

Each day, more and more baby boomers age and retire. Many communities are focused on developing and recruiting the necessary workforce to replace these retirees,

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The Travel Bug

By Saurav Rajbhandari

I have not traveled much. I’ve covered a few districts in Nepal, some bordering towns in India, and the Nepal-Tibet Border.

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The Furniture Industry: Comparison of Nepal and USA Markets

By Rojan Sthapit

The furniture industry is an ever growing industry. The prospective customer base is the entire population,

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