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Whittaker Report

Gift of Friendship

By Dean Whittaker

If we live long enough, we learn things. More and more I have come to appreciate how my relationships with my friends propel me through life.

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Making the Most Out of Every Hour

By Brittany Gebben

What is work-life balance? Everyone talks about it yet everyone struggles to achieve it. How many truly have it all figured out?

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Social Media Validation

By Sambridhi Shrestha

Jumping from one social media outlet to another has become our favorite habit without realizing the mental damage it is causing.

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Recycling: Is it the Ultimate Answer to the Waste Complication?

By Ayush Dev Pant

Recycling achieves the objective of keeping materials out of the landfill by turning them back into raw materials that will be used again to manufacture new products or items.

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