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Whittaker Report

The Joy of Student Interns

By Dean Whittaker

Our team at Whittaker Associates was joined this summer by two Michigan State University interns, Joe Sigler and Yang Fu.

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By Brittany Gebben

How do we stay focused and aware of the present situation when there are so many internal and external stressors or distractions pulling our mind elsewhere (on top of all the other data our brains are taking in)?

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How Important are College Grades for the Marketplace?

By Ayush Dev Pant

The education system which we have today intensively focuses on grades. Majority of students aim for higher grades with the aim of attaining a fine job in the future.

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Time to Reflect

By Joe Sigler

This past month, my dad and I, along with another father-son combination, took a week-long hiking trip up to Isle Royale National Park.

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