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Featured Website:

By Jeff Vedders

CEOExpress is a great portal to sites designed for the business executive.  CEOExpress contains links to sites containing SEC filings, stock information and company research.  You can also find links to popular business magazines, news feeds, business news, search engines and travel sites.

Even though many of the sites on CEOExpress are pay sites, it’s still a great starting place for company research.  For $49.95 per year, the site becomes completing customized allowing you to add your favorite sites.

Since this is such a great starting point on the Internet, many of us have made CEOExpress our home page.

Check out CEOExpress at

Featured Website:

By Jeff Vedders

In a hurry?  Are you looking for a place to find detailed company information on the web quickly and easily without paying a lot?  Check out Hoover’s

Hoover’s is a free and fee-based online site that contains information on over 50,000 public and private companies in the U.S. and around the world.

Hoover’s Company Capsules are free and they contain a wealth of information on companies including company addresses, phone and fax numbers, web sites, key contacts, brief descriptions, basic financial information as well as links to news articles and press releases.

Looking for more information?  Consider a subscription.  As a Hoover’s subscriber, you gain access to detailed corporate histories, extensive historical financials, product lists, a larger list of executives, and major competitors.  More importantly, you will be able to compile your own list of companies by selecting key criteria such as product type and employment and sales size. 

Go to Hoover’s today and after researching that hot high-tech manufacturing prospect you’re after, you can also find information on all of its competitors.


Bioinformatics Bioinfowhat? Bioinformatics is the application of computer technology to the management of biological information. And it has been a hot topic of late. Though biotech has been on the radar for year, recently we’ve heard the term bioinformatics from our clients several times.

The greatest achievement of bioinformatics methods is the Human Genome Project. So much raw data is being generated by the Human Genome Project and other initiatives in biology, computers are presently essential for many biologists just to manage their day-to-day results.

Look for many start-up companies in the bioinformatics segment in the near future as scientists and programmers team up to bring meaning to the wealth of data that has been generated through the Human Genome Project and other initiatives. Bioinformatics and genomics are two sectors that will continue to draw venture capital in 2002. These start-ups need a skilled workforce, access to research universities or institutes, and possibly alliances with more established companies to help them through development stages.

Take a look at or if you would like to read more about bioinformatics.

What in the world is going on?

By Pete Julius

The stock market may have rebounded to pre-September 11 levels, but the economical and psychological effects remain uncertain.

As the economy continues to struggle, predicting corporate behavior becomes more difficult. Merger and acquisition activity is beginning to regain momentum, IPO’s are still stagnant and financial institutions are sitting on their hands. Companies are adjusting forecasted figures, putting plans on hold, restructuring and in extreme cases filing for bankruptcy.  So, what does this tell us?

Looking at the core of these companies and linking them to recent events does reveal some interesting conclusions. For instance, as people are still reluctant to fly there is an increasing demand to conduct teleconferences. JDS Uniphase, Tellabs and other companies in the fiber optic industries stand a strong chance to rebound. Cepheid, which makes devices that detect biological agents, and other related companies are in good position to achieve great gains. These are examples of companies that can provide comfort and security. 

Any organization that can assist the nation to move forward, stimulate the economy or reduce fear of more possible threats will receive the most gain, at least in the short-run.  However, any additional, monumental terrorist attacks could pose a serious threat, which could explain why financial institutions are sitting on their hands.