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Whittaker Report

Book Recommendation: Noah’s Town – Where Animals Reign, By Maury Forman

In Maury’s usual use of humor and a billion puns, he tells us a 21st Century fable to remind us of the need for disaster preparation and recovery. 

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Site Selection Trends – SEDC Meet the Consultants

By Dean Whittaker

The Southern Economic Development Council (SEDC) Meet the Consultants conference was held in Chicago, March 20th and 21st. In the six panel discussions, we learned about the trends in site location of back offices, distribution/logistics centers, advanced manufacturing, food processing and headquarters.

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Technology… Will it Supplement or Hinder our Lives?

By Brittany Gebben

I’ve recently become more and more aware of my compulsive need to pick up my phone and check emails, reply to a text, open an app or simply scroll.  

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Emotional Intelligence: Revitalizing Work-Life

By Ayush Dev Pant

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is a gravitating topic today as people are gradually understanding the role of EQ in enhancing the quality of life we’re living.

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