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No other firm has the experience, expertise, and capabilities of Whittaker Associates, Inc.
What makes us different?

Our History

Dean Whittaker, an economic development and real estate practitioner fascinated by emerging technologies, founded Whittaker Associates  Inc. in 1987. By merging his professional expertise and his passion for technology, Dean could provide something other firms didn’t: hard-to-get company data.

By applying proprietary analytic methods, Whittaker Associates Inc. transforms this data into richer business knowledge. We bring meaning to information to help you achieve your business, real estate, and economic development goals.

Our Mission & Values

At Whittaker Associates we:

  • Uncover business opportunities using data analytics

  • Enable our clients to focus their resources on best prospects

  • Reduce inefficiencies in the marketing process

Our clients are:

  • Leading local, regional, and state economic development organizations

  • Owners or their agents of special use commercial/industrial property

  • Organizations able to benefit from a technologically-advanced approach to their marketing efforts

We are known for:

  • Accurate, timely, actionable business intelligence, which leads to repeat referral business

  • Our integrity, competence and innovation

  • Unique proprietary predictive analytics

  • Prioritized business opportunities using pattern recognition 

  • Our impeccable reputation

What makes us different


We specialize in identifying ideal prospects in any industry for our clients. A 30-year economic development veteran, our president is a recognized expert on the use of technology in economic development.


We deliver our leads in a password-protected, web-based system that allows users to access information from any location to collaborate with us and other service providers in a user-friendly environment.


Our proprietary research and lead-generation methodologies have been proven over time through solid results for our clients.


We work with a network of strategic partners, reputable individuals and companies with specialized niches, unique capabilities, and valuable contacts in targeted geographic areas.

"Whittaker Associates has been an excellent source for lead generation and a valuable resource for our business development efforts. The SmartLeads program has proven to be very successful with their spot-on algorithm."

Traci Jao, TRIDEC   

We have found tremendous value for our lead development team through working with Whittaker and Associates. The leads received were excellent and tailored to companies who would be a perfect fit for our Region.

Rachel Pierson Delamain, E.D.F.P.
Director of Business Development
Baton Rouge Area Chamber

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