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When Whittaker Associates discovers tools that make finding information easier, we think they’re worth sharing. Below we’ve listed a few powerful resources we use in our daily research that we’d like to share with you. And the best part is that they are free!

  • AccessMyLibrary. With a public library user ID, one can access millions of articles about business, medicine, government, personal interest, and more!
  • Google Finance. This source contains company contact information, current and historical financials, news, and much more. Company records usually contain the names and a brief overview of company officers, as well as a list of the company’s competitors.
  • Google Labs.This feature is a collection of prototypes that Google is experimenting with in the product development phase. While some of these ideas may never make it out of beta, they may offer useful help for research, information, and fun! Here are links to a few prototypes, but remember, these change often:
    • Google Public Data. Browse and analyze publicly available data from sources like the U.S. Census Bureau and the World Bank.
    • Google Goggles. Perform a Google search for objects you capture on your phone’s camera.
    • City Tours. Suggests multi-day walking tours of major cities given the address you input.
    • Google Trends. Ranking of the most searched terms in the U.S., updated hourly
  • Newslink. Newslink provides links to news sources by continent, state, metro area, and type of publication.
  • ZIPskinny. This zip-code comparison tool gives insight about the demographics of a certain area, including educational attainment, marital status, household income, occupation, race, age, and gender. ZIPskinny also contains information about local schools, and it allows you to see how your zip code stacks up against other locations.
  • ZoomInfo. If you need a quick biographic sketch of a business leader, ZoomInfo is the source to find it. This site contains information about a person’s current and past employment, board memberships, education, and certifications. ZoomInfo can also be used to find a company’s description, contact information, industry, and executive names.
  • Zoom Prospector. This site-selection tool allows users to search communities that exactly match their business location requirements. Finding the right business location is essential for companies to grow and succeed.