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Whittaker Associates frequently hosts both live and web-based presentations to spread the knowledge of smarter online market research techniques. Our presentations and webinars typically focus on topics of interest to the economic development and real estate communities. Please review our most recent presentation below.

Great Lakes Software Excellence Conference- “Predicting Corporate Behavior Using Data Analytics”, June 2019 by Dean Whittaker

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Art created by Laura Leenhouts

TVA Talent Attraction Workshop, May 2018 by Dean Whittaker

Becoming an Age-Friendly Community, March 2017, by Dean Whittaker

Rockland County New York Economic Development Awards Luncheon, November 2016, by Dean Whittaker

Revitalizing Small Town America, November 2016, by Dean Whittaker

Why Gold Collar Workers Are Your Community’s Key to Growth, Pro Learning Lab Webinar, September 2016, by Dean Whittaker & Jason Sosa

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Predictive Analytics in Economic Development at the International Development Council Leadership Summit, New Orleans 2016 by Dean Whittaker.