Nathan Ohle has been recently appointed as the President/CEO of the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). Under his leadership, several initiatives are underway, including a comprehensive strategic plan that involves a thorough review of all IEDC membership services. Nathan emphasizes the importance of collaboration in economic development as opposed to the competitive approaches of the past.

One of the key focus areas for the organization under Nathan’s leadership is addressing critical social and environmental issues. IEDC is actively working on promoting inclusion, equity, and combating systemic racism within the field of economic development. By fostering diverse and inclusive communities, the organization aims to ensure that economic growth benefits everyone and that opportunities are equally accessible.

Additionally, Nathan recognizes the importance of addressing climate change as an integral part of sustainable economic development. IEDC is committed to integrating environmentally responsible practices and strategies into its policies and programs. This includes promoting green initiatives, investing in clean technologies, and supporting the transition to a low-carbon economy.

Under Nathan Ohle’s guidance, the IEDC is set to tackle these important challenges and redefine the landscape of economic development by fostering collaboration, inclusion, equity, and environmental sustainability

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Whittaker Report Podcast Episode 20 - An Interview with Nathan Ohle, President/CEO of the International Economic Development Council