Coming out of 2020 alive and well in mind, body and spirit in itself is a blessing. I will touch on the three of these and what we can take away from what we learned personally or may have witnessed from others during a year that will definitely go down in history for a number of reasons. 

What I learned from one particular personal training client is that 2020 was her year! This client took back her life and got out of an almost decade long toxic relationship.  What a year to do it.  She started to work on herself as this relationship had her at such a low, she questioned her ability to get out and actually survive.  She needed to see that she was strong, loved and deserving of that love and support. She needed to see that people are good and they were. She was surrounded by warriors full of strength and spirit which she fully accepted and fed off this until she saw a light, a new beginning leading to change and peace.  I am VERY proud of her and that anchor weighing her down to be lifted off of her has led to a happy, confident, beautiful soul!

So let’s take a moment to break this down:

  1. The MIND is a very delicate, yet complex thing. After reading the definition below, it is abundantly clear that our mind played a huge part in handling our baggage carrying us through this year.

the element of a person that enables them to be aware of the world and their experiences, to think, and to feel; the faculty of consciousness and thought.

  • Being aware of the world and our experiences;  Well that in itself is a massive undertaking for the mind every day. How can we not be aware of the world around us in 2020.  With news, social media and everywhere we go there are constant reminders!  Masks, signs, closings, opinions of others, news sources. We have good days and bad days but this year our world and experiences have been like nothing any of us have endured in our lifetime. How was our mind supposed to enable us to be prepared for the unknown? Great lead to the next bullet point.
  • To think and feel:  Wow, there is a LOT in those two words. I tend to overthink and feel strongly in general so my mind is working overtime! I love people who advise you not to worry about something before it happens and are able to process staying in the moment. That saves a lot of stress and wasting valuable time.  
  1. The BODY thrives or fails depending on how we treat it. What we put into our body or neglect to put in play a significant role in daily function.  Nutrition including a healthy balance of fats, carbohydrates and protein, as well as portion control are major contributors to helping our body flourish in times of stress. Staying hydrated, getting enough sleep is hugely important, and staying active. When life gives you lemons, turn them into biceps! I named my Personal Training/Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching business for the last 15 years or so, Lifestyle Resolutions because I strongly believe that making healthy life choices and changes shouldn’t be left to a New Year’s Resolution on January 1st! Make the decision and make that day, the day to take control of whatever is keeping you from a happy, healthy, peace filled life.
  2. Our SPIRIT is also instrumental to our overall well being.  A person’s mood, character or the energy we put out is a window to our soul. People can learn a lot about another person by what they perceive or interpret by their essential well being.  What I mean by that is, someone that has a sense of meaning or purpose, high life satisfaction or ability to handle stressful situations sends out a positive energy.  That spirit force in general, now more than ever is exactly what this world and going into 2021 is needed as there is a major decline in the human spirit and overall well being.  

We seek harmony in our mind, body and spirit. Let’s applaud ourselves for taking this curveball life has thrown at us and hitting a home run. Hard to believe we are at the tip of the 9th inning and how much we endured to get here.  Here’s to going out of 2020 on a high note and entering 2021 in harmony.  Make yourself a priority and make every day a Lifestyle Resolution.