Pearl is on the hard – that’s the nautical term meaning my boat has been hauled out of the water and is on dry land for repairs and winter storage.  It’s been a great sailing summer, and I accomplished some “firsts.”  I completed the American Sailing Association courses 102-106, and I’m now certified to operate a charter boat.  I’ve sailed single-handed in many different weather conditions, and I’m quite comfortable with the boat and becoming more confident in my skills. Docking by myself is no longer an anxiety filled dance with ropes and poles.  The most important thing I’ve learned is to identify when wind and wave conditions are more than my skill level can handle.  I have yet to single-hand the boat to another port, like Whitehall or Holland.  That’s for next summer.

Although ending the season is bittersweet, I enjoy the passing of the seasons.  I take a minute to reflect on what I’ve accomplished and plan for the seasons ahead.  It’s a constant reminder that time is passing and that I must make the most out of every moment.  Carpe Diem!