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Midwest Logistics Provider

A large 3PL provider headquartered in the Midwest, our client provides services primarily to the food and consumer products industries. They wanted to expand their client network and generate more revenue. Whittaker Associates helped them identify firms with which they could build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.


Office Furniture Distributor

As one of the largest office furniture distributors in Illinois, our client was interested in identifying small, fast-growing companies with whom they could establish new business relationships. Whittaker Associates’ WALTER lead-tracking system provided their sales team with a database of firms that fit their target profile.  This list, which includes recent incubator program graduates, has yielded several suspects and prospects for the distributor. Follow-up efforts yielded several suspects and prospects looking for further information for our clients.

Southern 3PL Supplier

A third party logistics service supplier asked Whittaker Associates to work with them to develop a target company profile and identify the companies that fit this profile. During this process, they were confronted with an unexpected bankruptcy of one of their major clients, leaving them with an unoccupied warehouse facility. Whittaker Associates assisted our client by providing a database of several hundred companies within two metro areas likely to have both a need for warehouse space and third party logistics services.