1. Host a Webinar and/or Podcast Series

  • Interview your target sector thought leaders – attendees apply to attend 
  • Host monthly peer-to-peer company C-level round table discussions
  • Host a guest lecture series
  • Interview with leaders of recent location/expansion projects
  • Feature a “Company of the Month”
  • Offer news on industry trends
  • Conduct and report survey results
  • Kids interview CEOs feature for “Friday Funnies”

2. Sponsor a “Future Scenarios” for Target Industry Cluster

  • STEEP Framework (evaluate social, technological, economical, environmental and political factors)
  • Use focus groups by sector to identify trends
  • Create a “road map” for your target industry sectors
  • Inform the industry(s) of opportunities
  • Guide infrastructure investment by government
  • Alert education as to the skills that are going to be needed 

3. Host a Virtual Tradeshow

  • Show the supply chain for your target industries
  • Feature regional strengths by industry sector
  • Create a platform to support existing businesses

4. Host a Lunch & Learn for Remote Workers within your Target Industries

  • Utilize DoorDash or GrubHub meal delivery for the meeting

5. Create an Annual “No Screen Day” or Similar to Promote Fun and Relationship Building

6. Partner/Sponsor a Site Selection Guild, SIOR, IAMC or CoreNet 

7. Host “Beyond Consultants” – What to Look for When Hiring a Site Location Consultant? 

8. Host a “Beyond Consultants” Virtual Event– Invite companies you’re hoping to attract. Host a consultant to answer, “What to look for when hiring a site location consultant?” 

9. Recognize Industry Leaders within your Target Industry with Scholarships or a Chair in their Name

10. Host a Fun Event – Virtual treasure hunt throughout your website, game, happy hour, coffee, or cooking class (with ingredients delivered to each attendee’s home prior to event)

11. Follow the Money – Focus on emerging industry sectors, private equity and venture capital backed companies. PE and VC companies invest in companies that have a high probability of scaling…. With the theory, “If you’re going to go fishing, use a fish finder and find the fish first” in mind, take a look at who the PE and VC are investing in.  

12. COVID Innovation HUB- Thousands of innovations have launched in 2020 in response to Covid-19. Create an innovation center for or focus on products and services that address Covid-19. Covid Innovations’ site is a great reference https://www.covidinnovations.com/.

13Buy/Sell a Business – Millions of baby boomer owned businesses will need to transition in the next 3-5 years… What services do they need?

14. Opportunity Zone – Take advantage of opportunities that bring capital to the region

15. Focus onCOVID-driven, growing demand for…

  • Food – high protein deli meats; health snacks; frozen
  • Patio heaters
  • Telescopes
  • Boats
  • Electric bicycles
  • Kayaks
  • Home remodeling material
  • Pets, pet supplies & medication
  • Home exercise equipment

16. Offer to donate to a charity of a company’s choice in exchange for a 30 minute interview

17. Host a giveaway! Target audience receives a raffle ticket entry to win a product from your region

18. Provide a private, virtual tour of a local museum, monument or site with VR gift goggles

19. Make it fun! Offer $100 in virtual casino chips in exchange for a 30 minute interview

20Give the chef a break! Send a meal in a box including ingredients from your region or from local small businesses with recipe or meal from a local restaurant that overnights their meals

21.  Livestream an exclusive concert by a local artist, band, or orchestra to target audience