Over the last several months, I’ve been a caretaker for an ill family member. It brings me joy to assist in my loved one’s time of need, but I’ve had to learn to perform a balancing act with work, life, and the 5+ hour round-trip drive I’ve been making multiple times per week. Since travel takes up a significant portion of my time, I like to make the most of my time on the road and find ways to be productive and efficient. In addition to good music, here are some of the ways I like to pass the time in the car:


Whether educational or purely for entertainment, podcasts allow me to keep up on topics that interest me.


Like podcasts, audiobooks are a great learning tool and can help me escape reality for a little while. It fuels my passion for reading while minimizing the distractions I face while trying to read a physical book.

Phone Calls

I’ve always disliked talking on the phone. It makes me feel trapped when I’m trying to get other things accomplished. Since I’m stuck in my car, equipped with bluetooth, I try to schedule all my phone calls during my commute so I’m able to stay connected without sacrificing precious time when I arrive at my destination.


Praying, meditating, deep breathing, or listening to a sermon helps keep my anxiety at bay and creates an uplifting, positive mood within me.


Watching the ever-changing scenery as I pass by has helped me get creative in my work. Certain observations about industries, cities, and infrastructure have helped me strategize ways to help our clients.

Do you regularly have a lengthy commute? How do you find ways to make the most of your travel time?