AI and Your Digital Twin

This week brought an enlightening perspective from a conversation between LinkedIn’s Reid Hoffman and his digital twin. In his engaging Q&A, Reid urges us to dedicate 30 minutes daily to exploring various AI tools, such as ChatGPT,, and DALL·E, emphasizing the creative potential of these technologies. He shares his experience of co-authoring a book and launching a podcast with AI’s help.

What truly stands out is the digital twin’s capabilities demonstrated in the discussion: a video avatar crafted by Hour One, voice cloning from 11ElevenLabs, and a personalized chatbot powered by GPT-4, which synthesizes two decades of Reid’s written and spoken works.

Inspired by Reid, I dove into experimenting with Pi—a versatile chatbot perfect for brainstorming, journaling, and storytelling. Pi offers a unique conversational experience that I highly recommend trying. Share your experiences with me, and I’ll feature them in our next newsletter.

Watch the interview with Reid’s AI avatar [here].

Start your journey with Pi [here].