By Sharad KC

TED videos are a great source of instant inspiration. They usually complement my early morning cup of tea very well. Last week, during my morning tea and TED session, I stumbled upon a very interesting talk, How to get your ideas to spread, from Seth Godin. This is an eye opening talk on the evolution of marketing and the right strategy for marketers in this modern age.

Source: Seth Godin, How to get your ideas to spread, TED 2003

Godin points out that, during the TV age, marketers used to make average products for average people. They would then buy some TV time and be able to do well selling their products. In his words, marketers would smooth out the edges and go for the center, Early & Late Majority. In the last ten years, this has changed because the TV-industrial complex is broken. Now, the strategy for marketers is to go for the Innovators & Early Adopters, who are really obsessed with the product. They, in turn, market the product to their friends on the rest of the curve.

If you have 20 minutes of time during your morning cup of coffee, be sure to watch this entertaining TED video from 2003.