By Jami Gibson

Kare Anderson, a writer for Forbes, recently gave a TED talk about creating and seizing opportunity. Many people may attribute opportunities to being in the right place at the right time, but often, opportunities are the result of individuals who actively seek out ways to use their talents and the talents of others for the greater good.

Anderson states that there are three main things that opportunity-makers do:

1) They perfect their top skills.
2) They search to build relationships with others unlike themselves.
3) They use their network to connect others around shared interests to scale systems, solve problems, and create mutual benefit.

While having a network of people similar to ourselves is great, there is much that can be accomplished from connecting with people whose skills are superior to ours in realms which we don’t often deal.This allows us to establish teams of diverse talents to generate synergy toward a common goal.

Opportunities are created and seized, and the trust that is built between group members is just the beginning of unexpected things to come!