By Todd Smithee

Over the last several months we reviewed a number of keys to developing long-term, profitable relationships.  We discussed the importance of having well-defined processes for maintaining regular communications with potential customers.  We also reviewed the importance of utilizing technology to organize and manage communications with your prospects.  The next key is content.  What do we say to our prospects now that we have a well-organized method of communication? As you have probably heard, relevant content is king.  Regular communication that delivers irrelevant content will not help your cause.  In fact, it will likely make you appear out of touch with your prospect, increasing the chance that they will delete your email without reading it or let your call ring to voice mail.  To address this issue, you need to identify what is important to your potential client.  You can do this by letting them to “opt-in” to future communications, allowing the prospect to tell you what information they find desirable, through a web form or by asking them during your next call.  You can also review their industry and trade associations for relevant topics.

Once you have gone through these steps you will have the ability to deliver useful information to your potential clients, increasing your “top of mind” awareness and the likelihood that they will call you the next time they could use your products or services.