by Rebecca Rooy

Monday morning, coffee in hand, I instinctively reach for my student schedule planner. The familiar texture of paper, comforting straight lines, and dependable pencil markings vitally assist in dictating my day. Today, however, my planner is absent. Instead, I must grapple with the looming realization that I am now a graduate, and my penciled security is in transition to the reality of Blackberrys.

Transition is tough. Transition, however, can also be exciting, revolutionary, and, most importantly, beneficial. Here at Whittaker Associates, I am discovering I have joined a team of veterans in the field of change. While transition can be unpredictable, Whittaker Associates revels in the patterns of corporate change. Change is contingent to our expertise, our market. Thus, our company finds familiar order in the midst of transitory unfamiliarity. We work with companies experiencing growth and transformation in an environment of disintegrating student planners. Whittaker Associates is available to help erase the pencil smudges. In hindsight, I could not have picked a better place to work while going through my own transitory time.

Monday evening, tea in hand, I find myself in a state of relaxation, able to sufficiently reflect on my day. My student planner for the evening is blank, and I am feeling progressively content. The initial ease of transition has passed, leaving me to wonder, where does the student planner end and the Blackberry begin?