By Joel Burgess

According to the inter-governmental International Organization for Migration, more than 190 million people currently live outside of their home country. This is equal to about one person for every thirty-five people; what’s more is that the number is growing at the rate of three per cent a year.

In the “Borderless Workforce Survey” conducted by Manpower, almost one third of 28,000 employers surveyed in 27 countries expressed concern that talented workers would go and work in another country. Only 15 per cent of employers believed that governments and businesses were “doing enough to slow the outward migration of talent.”

Moreover, more than one third of 31,000 employees questioned said that they would be prepared “to relocate anywhere in the world for a job.” The top motivation for moving was compensation. Other motivations included learning a foreign language and, for executives, the opportunity to add “worked abroad” to their resumes.

According to the survey:

Top 10 Countries for Recruiting Foreign Talent

  1. China
  2. USA
  3. India
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Germany
  6. Japan
  7. Spain
  8. France
  9. Canada
  10. Poland

Top 10 Preferred Destinations for Work

  1. USA
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Spain
  4. Canada
  5. Australia
  6. United Arab Emirates
  7. France
  8. Italy
  9. Germany
  10. Argentina

Source: Financial Times, Manpower