By Jami Gibson

Over the past several years, the data center industry has continued its rapid expansion and is in high demand. As a research analyst, I’ve become very familiar with this sector and the companies within it. One of my favorite sources for information about the data center industry is Data Center Knowledge (, a website dedicated to providing up-to-date industry intelligence, from cloud computing to disaster recovery. This online source covers virtually all aspects of the industry with updates on companies, news, trends, and more. Here is why the site is a good starting point to discover more about the data center industry.

Since there are no clear cut NAICS codes for the data center industry, use the website to find companies whose primary business is to provide data center services.

Keep abreast of the most current data center news, filtered by geography, sub-sector, or infrastructure.

White Papers
Browse through over 1,000 white papers providing advice and solutions to common industry issues and questions.

Although you may not be looking for a data center job, read through the job postings listed on the website. It will give you an idea of what companies are experiencing growth, new market areas, and new directions in which the industry is moving.

Industry Perspectives
Get insider information from thought leaders within the data center sector.

I found Data Center Knowledge to be one of the most comprehensive data center industry websites. But, there are certainly other ones that can serve as great sources of free information. Studying industry websites is the perfect way to familiarize yourself with those sectors you may be targeting for expansion or relocation to your service area.