Last month, I was on my way back from my trip out West when I made a detour to Jackson, Wyoming. The weather and scenery were too beautiful to leave, especially when faced with the thought of returning to cooling temperatures in Michigan, so what was supposed to be a three-day pit stop turned into a month-long stay. 

During my time there, I was surprised at how many “digital nomads” I met who were living life on the road full-time. Some were retirees checking off places they’ve always wanted to visit, some were business owners who manage everything from the road, but surprisingly, most were couples with young children who sold their homes and set out on adventure. Remote work or sponsored blogs were their sources of income, and “roadschooling” (homeschooling while traveling) is how they taught their children. I saw a mother teaching her children how to make a solar oven and a dad teaching his kids about geology and ecosystems. The hands-on, immersive learning was fascinating to me, and the kids seemed so excited to turn learning into adventure. 

Some were two months into their nomad lifestyle, while others have been doing it for several years. However, every person I talked to felt that living the “RV life” was rewarding and had no plans to settle anywhere in particular. They said the highlights of being on the road were spending more time with family, having less material things, improved problem-solving in their marriage, and traveling to new places. 

Have you ever considered being a digital nomad? What would make this lifestyle difficult, or what advantages do you think this lifestyle provides?