By Jami Gibson

This month, I hosted the Pro Learning Lab’s webinar, “Prosperity from the Ground Up.” Our speaker, Dave Kalinchuk, presented material from his book, Rich for the Right Reasons, which discusses a holistic approach to creating grassroots prosperity for oneself and, in turn, for local communities. In the context of financial wellness, Dave shared why community economic development begins with you, the individual.

“Imagine if every individual in a community was financially independent. There would be less stress, more giving, and families would be happier. People would have all their essential needs met. Uncontrolled debt would no longer control people’s destiny, and individuals could then pursue life-long aspirations…”
~ from the book Rich for the Right Reasons – Economic Development of the Individual

Individual prosperity is key for the long-term growth of a community. As Dave pointed out, when individuals are working, succeeding, and prospering, all levels of the economy will benefit as self-reliance and self-sufficiency contribute to the following trends. Individual prosperity:

• Raises the economic prosperity of communities
• Reduces poverty
• Minimizes government dependence
• Creates wealth throughout generations

If you missed our webinar, but desire to learn tips for achieving individual success, building your personal brand, and contributing to the greater good, I recommend viewing the recorded webinar or checking out Dave’s website about his book!