What is the surest way to advance your career?

Simple, learn from the best.

Not everyone has access, until now. The Marketing Master’s Webinar Series will bring you three of the very best economic development marketer, beginning with Rick Weddle.

Rick Weddle, CEO of the Research Triangle Foundation, NC will lead off the series. Mr. Weddle blazed trails that changed the way economic developers are recognized and paid. He held titles like President and CEO before almost anyone in economic development. He broke pay scale barriers with every new assignment.

Why? Rick is an ace marketer! He made economic development marketing sexy! Now, developers are regularly recognized by titles like President and CEO. Plus, economic developers are often paid more than they ever could imagine for a dream job.

Join us for a conversation with Mr. Weddle on economic development marketing past, current, and future. Learn from the best! Tuesday Nov. 17th, 2009, 1:00 pm 2:00 pm CST
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Mr. Weddle’s Bio: http://www.rtp.org/files/Media/rick_weddle_bio_2009.pdf

Series Information: http://www.blanecanada.com/webinars.html