By Dean Whittaker

As summer draws to an end, and the cycle of life moves to fall, I have been reflecting on what I have learned during this summer time. Perhaps the largest reminder has been to feel rather than think. I have felt the joy of learning coming from the right side of my brain which has no words and can only express itself through my emotions.

After taking walks on the beach in the early morning hours, I have felt the joy of nature and a feeling of peace that we all long for in our lives. It is my choice to get up before dawn and ride my Segway the ten blocks to Lake Michigan, take off my shoes, go barefoot down steps from the top of the dune to the water’s edge, and feel the sand and my connection to the world. It is then that I take the time to reflect on those things for which I am grateful.

What if I only had tomorrow to enjoy those things for which I was grateful for today? I wonder what would be on my list. What would be on yours?