By Sudeep Kandel

I was thinking about my new position as a researcher for Whittaker Analytics, and I realized that it is my fourteenth job to-date. Oh boy! Fourteen jobs in seven years has been a roller coaster ride, both personally and professionally; however, the pool of experience I’ve gained has allowed me to excel at the new position right from the start.

This short distance of a long working career has helped me to gather some tips which might be helpful when entering a new position. Some of them are outlined below:

• Take notes
Take note of small details (login passwords, whereabouts of client files, etc.) when learning the ropes at your new role. This helps efficiency as it saves both you and your co-workers time from asking and answering minor questions.

• If you don’t know, ask
If you are not sure how to perform a task, be honest in your uncertainty. Ask for help sooner rather than later so your work isn’t past a point where it cannot be amended.

• Be humble
Humbleness and generosity go a long way not only at the workplace but also in your personal life. Your humility will be seen from afar, and co-workers are more likely to open up if you are a com-passionate person.

• Let your work speak for yourself
Your employer hired you for your capabilities. Do what you came for, or even better, surpass your employer’s expectations. If you excel at what you do, you’ve already impressed the people at your workplace.

• Go the extra mile
Employers want to see their employees working diligently and intelligently as well as offering sup-port to their colleagues, when appropriate. If you see a way to work smarter or be of assistance, take action. Sometimes a new hire can offer a keen perspective that’s often overlooked.

• Work as a team player
A “team player,” as cliché as it sounds, is a prerequisite for a successful employee. The sooner you start playing as part of a team, the sooner you will be accepted into the team. There is a saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go further, go together.”

The above-mentioned work tips are garnered from my own experience, and you may have many more to add. These have served me well as I have followed them duly, and I will continue to do so in days to come.