By Jami Gibson

Everywhere we turn, it’s impossible to get away from negative news. Radio, newspapers, T.V., and the Internet bombard us with headlines about the failing economy, war, high profile lawsuits, crime, and the list goes on and on. While we know that sensationalism sells, sometimes it’s difficult to find balance among all of the pessimism. There must be some good news out there, right?

Recently, I was made aware of Good News Network (, an online website that delivers positive news stories from around the world. The site strives to bring stories of hope and optimism to the masses to prove that good news does exist; it just isn’t broadcasted nearly as much as the more dire stories. The website’s most recent stories range from sharing success stories of those who have overcome great obstacles and people who were recognized as local heroes to positive financial news and random acts of kindness. The website allows visitors to read the most popular stories for free, and a monthly subscription to access all of the site’s content is as low as $2.00 per month. Users can also try a free 30-day trial to see what the site is all about. It truly offers a breath of fresh air!

If you need a break from the negativity, sensationalism, and even more, the post-article “regulars” who remark on every story, start your day on a positive note by visiting the Good News Network’s website at!