By Jami Gibson

With the holidays in full effect, I’ve spent much time with family and friends over the past several weeks. It seems that many of the conversations we have this time of year are spent reflecting on the past year and anticipating the New Year.

It was on Christmas Eve that I received an email from a relative that particularly touched my heart. It was entirely about JOY. The holidays can be especially difficult for those of us that have recently lost loved ones, lost relationships, lost jobs, lost health, or experienced other hardships either firsthand or watched those close to us struggle through them. While we may not be having a “merry” Christmas or “happy” holidays, it seems that joy can prevail through any hardship.

We find joy in both times of blessing and of despair. It comes from faith, grace, and hope. It flows from a place of gratitude and compassion, of knowing we can make a difference in someone else’s life. It brings contentment and transforms our heart. It encourages love, giving, and helpfulness. It carries us through thick and thin. Where do you find joy? How has it changed you?

I wish our readers a joyful New Year! Thank you for staying connected to us!