Staying relevant requires life-long learning to maintain and improve our skills. In this 90-minute interactive webinar, you will learn answers to these questions and more:

• What will work look like in the future?
• What skills will we need?
• Where and how can these skills be learned?
• How can the skill gap be bridged?
• What is an “unjob?”
• Will self-employed, free-agent contract workers be the workforce of the future?

This discussion will focus on how to adapt our communities and the organizations within them through social innovation to produce a workforce of the future. Relevant skills are needed to continue to add value to our organizations and those they serve. Skills in high demand now and in the future include: 1) learning new technology rapidly; 2) building and maintaining social networks; 3) anticipating, recognizing, and adapting to fast-paced change; 4) remaining mindful and balanced in a chaotic environment; 5) seizing opportunity while overcoming the fear of failure; and 6) creating and leading social innovation.

Join us by investing 90 minutes in your future and that of your organization.

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About the speaker: Kristin Wolff is a life-long learner, creating and exploring the cutting edge of social innovation with a strong background and passion for workforce development, entrepreneurship, and social innovation. When she is not out pursing social change and writing her blog, she dwells in Portland, Oregon where she is the principal and founder of Thinkers+Doers, LLC.