By Dean Whittaker

In his book “How Will You Measure Your Life,” Clayton Christensen, a world class thinker and Harvard professor, describes his theories regarding how to think about the critical decisions we all make that can bring happiness and success in life instead of sadness and disappointment. He teaches us HOW to think rather than WHAT to think by applying his theories to our lives, and therefore, allowing us to make better choices as we move through our journey.

Christensen offers us tools for making good choices appropriate to the circumstances of our lives.
He says that good theory explains what will happen even before we experience it. We don’t have to go through multiple marriages to learn how to be a good spouse for example. He uses the analogy of learning to fly by strapping on feathers with wings versus understanding Bernoulli’s principle theory of lift on which all flight is based.

One of the things I am grateful for was an experience I had recently in listening to a ten-year old boy talking with his dad with tears in his eyes. He had a large welt developing under his right eye. He was beginning to explain to his dad that his older sister had made a bad choice. During the middle of his explanation, his younger brother came up and had a large knot forming on his forehead that was beginning to turn black and blue. As the older brother continued his explanation, he said that his sister had created a game for her brothers to play which resulted in the two boys colliding while chasing a ball with their eyes closed. He said that his sister had made a bad choice. What impressed me most was that a ten year old knew that there are choices we all make in life. Here’s a list of ten choices we can make to be happy.

As Christensen says, our life is the result of our choices. What choices are you making?