By Jami Gibson

I can hardly believe that the holidays are upon us once again. For many, the time between Thanksgiving and New Years brings a welcome change of pace as we focus on family and begin winding down the year. But for others, this time of year is far from relaxing as we try to balance work, social events, last minute gift shopping, etc. Too many years, I’ve been caught off guard by how fast the weeks fly by between Thanksgiving and Christmas. So this year, I’ve been actively trying to manage my time in order to reduce stress, maintain a work-life balance, and keep myself from being overextended.

Here are a few time management tips to ensure a peaceful holiday season at the workplace and home:

1. Learn to say “no” – whether it’s a holiday event or an extra work project, politely decline if your schedule cannot handle the obligation. Team up with productive coworkers to complete essential assignments.
2. Prioritize tasks – make to-do lists for both work-related and personal tasks. Complete the most urgent tasks first, followed by the tasks that are the least appealing. Clearing your plate of these important and daunting tasks will leave you more time and energy to focus on other matters.
3. Stop talking, start doing – it’s great to make a plan, but thinking, worrying, or talking about the plan won’t get you anywhere. Take action to work towards your goal, and modify your plan as you go. Getting started can be harder than actually carrying out the plan.

Wishing you a relaxing month ahead!