by Joel Burgess

At this year’s edition of the IEDC Leadership Summit in St. Petersburg, FL, I had the privilege to spend a few hours on a sailboat in Tampa Bay .

Question: What is it about sailing that tends to trigger moments of self-reflection? What is it about sailing that tends to make you think about the bigger picture?

Maybe it isn’t the sailing at all, but rather the peaceful venue sailing provides.

The birth of my first child quickly approaches (FEB 13) and as many of you already know the miracle of childbirth tends spur a little self-awareness.

Over the years and on the eve of Burgess family member three, my conclusion remains the same: Life is not about me; it’s just not about me.

So what’s my point?

I encourage you (talking here to myself as well) to take a moment, find a peaceful venue, and reflect on what it is that is important in your life.

Many of us will experience career success , but will we truly grasp the big picture; will we find significance or purpose, will we be open to the fact that there may be a greater purpose for our lives?

P.S. I’ll send a photo in the next edition.