By Jami Gibson

As health care costs continue to rise under the health care reform, companies are looking for ways to monitor and keep their medical costs in check. One way they’ve been achieving that is through the use of on-site health clinics at their worksites. This is not a new concept as many large companies used on-site clinics to address workplace injuries for decades; however, now they are being considered for more reasons, both for large and small businesses. They can have many advantages to employers:

Employee Retention and Attraction
On-site clinics offer a great benefit to employees, usually at a less expensive cost than traditional care. It can not only be seen as a competitive advantage to attract workers, but also as a tool for retention. Lower turnover ensures savings from training costs while the additional employee benefit positions a company to attract talent.

Increased Productivity
The convenience of on-site clinics allows for employees to be seen when it best works for them and has a quicker turnaround for treatment when symptoms arise. The proximity and access to prompt care reduces the time an employee is away from work, therefore, reducing absenteeism and improving productivity.

Cost Savings
When employees can be diagnosed and treated sooner for ailments, it helps avoid costly measures such as ER visits, hospital stays, surgeries, or expensive prescriptions. If employers can have some control over service costs, it is beneficial for both the company and the individual.

Long-Term Wellness
By promoting wellness programs, employers can contribute to the long-term health of their employees and their families which will help prevent and manage chronic illnesses.

There are many positive outcomes from on-site health clinics as well as challenges too, such as facility costs, staffing, and on-going investments. Some companies share these costs with other firms by establishing health clinics near multiple businesses who can use the services but share the expense. There are different models used to provide quality healthcare to all types and sizes of businesses and accommodate their needs. I think we’ll be seeing more of these clinics in the near future.