By Patrick McConahy

It’s no secret that the economy could be better. All across the country businesses and firms are experiencing losses and cutbacks, disheartening and disorienting employees, managers, and owners alike. Both long-time employees and new hires are at risk of distraction when changes occur in the workplace, and inefficiency can be the result. When employees get off track and inefficient for whatever reason, something must be done immediately. In harsh economic times, spending extra money for a performance consulting firm to work with your company may seem completely illogical. However, obtaining such services will ensure that individuals in your organization get motivated, back on track, and headed in the right direction.

Recently Whittaker Associates hired Performance Strategies Group, a performance consulting firm out of Holland , Michigan . Whittaker Associates has recently made a couple of new hires, including me. Going through the process of understanding how I intuitively operate was very enlightening; I learned the best ways I as an individual can best help the company. Dozens of different tests are designed to help people understand their morals, values, what they are all about, and how they operate, including the ever-popular Myers-Briggs Test. Performance Strategies Group had me take a test called the Kolbe A Index.

After the test was over they had one of their consultants come and personally explain to me the results. At first I was skeptical that someone who doesn’t know me could read some test results and understand who I was and what made me tick. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed with the incredible accuracy and insight with which the consultant was able to describe me. Furthermore, what was really incredible is that he was able to explain to me not only how I operate, but how I can perform my particular job with more efficiency and effectiveness.

It’s pretty amazing how helpful this entire experience has been for me. I didn’t learn anything that I didn’t know before, but the process of hearing someone you don’t know talk about what you are truly like is very enlightening. Since taking this test and having my results interpreted, I’ve felt a lot better about coming into work and about how I contribute to the team. It’s not that I had a hard time coming into work prior to this, but rather I just have a better understanding of how I fit into the collective organization. Bottom line, I’m just more excited to work now. And if that doesn’t make me a more effective employee, I don’t know what will.