By Jami Gibson

If you want to see where the Personal Care products industry is heading, look no further than your T.V. Commercials for cosmetics, hair care, shaving creams, body products, and fragrances all show what has become important to the consumer, and is marketed accordingly. Here are some of the trends we’re seeing in the Personal Care products industry.

All-in-One Products:
Products that can multi-task save consumers time and money. Lotions that act as moisturizers, sunscreens, and foundation as well as body wash that can double as shampoo are examples of these all-in-one products.

Organic and Natural Products:
Concern about allergens and chemicals in personal care products has led to a rise in demand for products that are gentle and safe for both people and the environment.

Anti-Aging Products:
As part of our society’s quest to look more youthful, products are being fortified with anti-aging ingredients, and cosmeceuticals are becoming increasingly popular as a way to treat health problems while still providing beauty benefits.

New Markets:
There is an increase in personal care products marketed to men, pre-teens, and ethnic consumers. Many manufacturers are expanding their product lines to include these important segments for growth.

Source: First Research