by Patrick McConahy

Growing companies have so many relocation options available that economic development organizations must move quickly and correctly to capitalize on potential targets.  In the fast-paced, technologically dependent business world in which we live, there is little room for error.  But oddly enough, it’s the human touch, not technology, that can give you the edge on other organizations. If a company executive doesn’t like what he’s hearing from a qualification caller, it’s really not that hard for him to just hang up the phone. A certain level of personal connection has to be evoked for each individual call.  Our natural interest in knowing and helping people is why the qualification process is probably one of the most important and beneficial services that Whittaker Associates offers to our clients.

Over the course of my professional career, I’ve had the opportunity to work at several different offices, both large and small. In the large offices I found it very easy to get lost in the crowd, but at the smaller ones people paid much more attention to each employee and what was going on in their lives.  I certainly prefer the latter setting simply because there is that dynamic of a personal touch.  Whether you’re grabbing a coke from the fridge or finishing up a report for a co-worker, it’s really easy to accomplish tasks and buy into the firm’s goals when you know the people you work with truly care about you.

Our care for the individuals on our team at Whittaker Associates is what sets our qualification capabilities apart from our competitors. The respect and care we have for each other spills over into the work that we do for our clients.  All of the employees here at Whittaker Associates are people persons.  We genuinely enjoy the opportunity to help others.  This is why it’s so easy for our qualification callers to give the same amount of respect and care to each and every executive they qualify for you.  Every time we speak with someone we have to opportunity to help that person grow their business and achieve their goals.

I could have chosen to work at a variety of different places.  However, I made the decision to work at Whittaker Associates because of the people.  We understand through personal experience the best ways to serve our clients, and our closeness as a group holds us accountable to produce efficient and effective results.  So feel free to give us a call and we’ll help you understand all the ways we can employ technology—and the personal touch—to serve your company.