By Sharad KC

Global warming has been a widely-accepted, man-made problem. And like every other issue, we are eager to find a solution that is both economical and practical. Much of the discussion towards solving this problem is on reducing green house emissions, investing in green technology, creating efficiency in energy consumption, and managing our forests. All of these solutions above are preventive measures to tackle global warming.

At the end of his TED talk in 2006, David Deutsch, a scientist, highlights that we are already too late in preventing global warming. Therefore, a much needed solution for global warming is a plan to reduce the temperature or mange living in a higher temperature. Solutions such as spraying Aerosol to reflect sunlight, using aquatic organisms to eat carbon dioxide, and liquefying CO2 can play major roles in curing global warming. The above examples of climate engineering also need to be in the center of our discussions if we are to tackle the problem successfully.

For the last 30 years, we have been investing billions of dollars in finding an alternative solution for our energy needs but have achieved very little in reducing our addiction towards fossil fuels. Germany alone subsidizes $130 billion per year towards solar energy. If only a fraction of this amount is invested in curing global warming, then we could see a much better result with efficiency.