by Joel Burgess

Maybe you have already had this question:

I have a list of prospects. Is there a way to prioritize my prospects, allowing me to better focus my marketing efforts and more efficiently manage time, money, and other resources?

Whittaker Associates has your answer.

Whittaker is rolling out an innovative Targeted Company Predictive Model. The Targeted Company Predictive Model is a powerful tool that identifies and ranks the companies with the highest probability to relocate or expand into any particular geographic area.

So How does it work?

The first step in the process is to identify companies that have recently located to your area (in the last 3-5 years). Whittaker interviews these companies and based, in part, on the information obtained, we determine the factors that triggered those companies to relocate or expand to your area. Then by cross-referencing and establishing common denominators between the determining factors of your area’s new companies and companies that show the greatest promise to relocate or expand, a matrix of variables is formed. Our current matrix ranks high-growth companies based upon their correlation with 41 variables (19 industry factors and 22 company factors).

Each variable is assigned a numerical score, based on the direct causal effect it has on the likelihood of a company’s decision to relocate or expand. If a company exhibits the variable, a tic or mark is placed in the matrix under that variable for that particular company. The idea is to establish a Weighted Total. The weighted total is the sum of all the values of the 41 variables that a particular company exhibits. The higher the weighted total the greater the likelihood of a relocation or expansion.

An example output:

Weighted TotalCompany
865Angus Palm
850Cell Genesys, Inc.
805Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire, LLC

The Predictive Model accounts for the time sensitivity of the information provided, given the dynamic nature of today’s businesses. The Predictive Model can be updated to re-rank companies, reflecting any known changes that occur within the targeted companies or within industry trends.

In addition, the Predictive Model can be tailored to meet your specific needs in two ways: by adjusting the variables or the variable weights based on the importance they have in influencing a company to relocate or expand into your community.

As with all our lists, company records contain address, telephone, business description, sales and employment numbers, SIC codes, up to four contacts and titles, and when available, fax numbers, websites, recent articles, and company locations.