By Sudeep Kandel

Running is a profound act which transcends personal boundaries, cultures, and social dogmas. It is as primitive as the history of humankind. But in present day it is considered more of an exercise than a natural act. People have different reasons for running. Some want to lose weight, some for health benefits, and others for the sheer joy of running. I see running as more than sports, more than a passion. For me, it is a way of life; an escape from mundane routine, a place and time of my own.

As with the most runners, I began running for health benefits. As I started to run more often and longer distances, I realized and experienced the after effects of doing it. The flow of endorphins leaves you with positive feeling. You have this desire to move forward as the day sets in, as you were while running.

Running has given me so much. It has been there for me in tough times, through depression. When I run, it gives me a sense of liveliness and purpose, to live the moment and to push through thick and thin. I wanted other people to see the benefits of running, so I, along with friends, formed Kathmandu Running Club. The club helps both new and avid runners create a community that is passionate about the activity.

Since running means so much to me, I thought of doing something substantial that would leave a positive effect on society. Hence, I decided to run East-West Nepal (approximately 1,027 km/638 miles) for a charity called Sano Prayas that helps orphans get to school. My motivation to take on this challenge is two-fold: I want to raise money for a worthwhile charity, while also experiencing a once in a lifetime adventure. I chose Sano Prayas to support because, as I am running the full length of Nepal, I wanted a cause/charity that assisted not just those in Kathmandu, but people from all parts of Nepal. The East-West run will commence on the 25th of November 2014 and will end on the 14th of December 2014.

For more information on the event itself and the Sano Prayas charity, please visit the following sites:

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