By Vidhan Rana

Scribd is a web-based tool that has quietly changed how many organizations and companies around the world share information. Scribd focuses only on document sharing and creates a platform for organizations to share documents and reports socially while incorporating various social media tools like Facebook and Twitter. 

Scribd is now considered the YouTube for documents. It currently has more than 50 million users and hosts millions of documents on its website.  In November 2009, Scribd featured on Business Week Magazine’s list of world’s most intriguing startups. The magazine also reported that 1.8 million searches are performed on the site every day.

Even though you host the documents on Scribd, you have the ability to embed the document back into your website, allowing you to keep the content on your site. At the same time, users who find your content on Scribd can be guided to your website to drive traffic. The site is best suited for sharing report or documents that are slightly longer in length.

The power of Scribd became apparent to me when I posted a brochure about volunteering in Nepal for an organization I work with on the site. Within a couple of days, more than 100 people had read the brochure and total visits to our website went up by 50%.

This is how the embed of the documents looks on a website:

Santi School Project – Volunteer Brochure