By Jami Gibson

Is your company still posting to job boards to fill vacant positions? This method of talent recruitment is ineffective and leaves hiring professionals to sift through piles of resumes to find a few quality candidates. Talent Sourcing is a superior approach which engages social media to connect with top talent who may or may not be looking for new opportunities.

Talent Sourcing was the topic of our latest webinar this month. Our presenters, Josh Powell with JRD Systems, and Jill Day with Gordon Food Service, showed us how important social media is to source, connect, and ultimately attract top talent to your organization. With hundreds of millions of LinkedIn users and over a billion Facebook users, social media provides the platform to pursue the candidates in which you’re interested!

Josh and Jill provided pointers on connecting and conversing with both passive and active job candidates, ensuring that you’re adding value to an individual before marketing to them. Giving concrete examples from their own personal experiences, they showed us how to leverage Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Instagram to source talent.

If you’re interested in viewing the recording of the webinar, more information can be found here.