Spring has sprung in Holland, MI, a town located on Lake Michigan in the Midwest. Over 4.5 million tulips are in bloom for the next two weeks, creating a spectacular display alongside the flourishing plum and pear trees. The town expects to welcome 50,000 tourists during this time, all eager to witness the beauty of these flowers.

The Tulip Time Festival, which began as a one-day event in 1927, was introduced by the Woman’s Literary Club at the suggestion of Miss Lida Rogers, a biology teacher at Holland High School. Today, the week-long event attracts 50,000 visitors and multiple tour buses. The Convention Bureau refers to this as “heads in beds,” one of their goals for attracting tourists. Along with the beautiful scenery, visitors can enjoy corn dogs, elephant ears, and carnival rides, though they can be quite costly. Fireworks, parades, and other events will also take place during the first two weeks of May.

Tulip Time exemplifies the power of creative energy and the ability to turn a simple idea into something extraordinary. As we navigate through challenging economic times, it is important to reflect on the innovative ideas that have shaped our communities’ histories. What unique ideas have been generated in your region? Human imagination is truly incredible.

The gift of innovation and the ability to create something new is invaluable. Watching SpaceX launch the largest rocket in human history reminds us of the importance of experimentation, trying new ideas, and supporting those who have the courage to break new ground. Elon Musk and his team should be commended for their achievements and their determination to continue learning from their successes and failures.

As I contemplate the future of Whitaker Associates Inc., I am filled with gratitude for our clients, customers, and friends who have supported us for the past 40 years. I also extend my appreciation to our staff, colleagues, and coworkers, including the many interns who have contributed to serving our clients’ needs. We wish you continued success. What you do matters! It impacts countless lives.