As technology rapidly advances, it can be challenging to stay informed without being overwhelmed. This month, I’ve been learning about new AI tools like ChatGPT-4, Claude, and DALL-E 3. These tools aim to make our lives easier, but also change the way we consume and share information.

While AI opens new possibilities, it’s important to think critically about sources and bias. Here are a few ways I try to stay informed:

  • Curated newsletters like “Curated Morning” by Martin Karl Vanags provide weekly summaries of articles relevant to economic developers.
  • Podcasts like Econ Dev Show by Dane Carlson offer interviews with leaders in the field. Dane also shares economic development job postings and happenings by state.
  • For a quick news overview, I read Morning Brew for daily updates on business, finance, and global affairs.
  • To make sense of world events, I listen to geopolitical strategist Peter Zeihan’s short daily audio updates and analysis. I also read The Economist and New York Times.

The challenge is finding trustworthy sources that are accurate, timely, and reasonably unbiased. With the rise of AI-generated misinformation, it’s important to be selective about what we consume and share.

What are your favorite tools and sources for staying up to date? I’m interested to hear how you filter through the noise to find truth, perspective, and wisdom. As technology evolves, we must evolve how we take in information and separate fact from fiction.

Let me know your thoughts! I look forward to continuing the conversation.