By Sharad KC

“Cock-a-doodle-doo!” The crowing of a rooster in the early morning is an alarm of nature to wake up its daytime beings from the long rest of the night. As I hear this sound, I emerge from the world of dreams and sleep. I can hear hustle and bustle around the house, and when I ask my brother what is going on, I find that today is the day when we in Nepal worship the sun. When I come to our porch along with my family members, I am awed to find most of my neighbors on their porches anxiously awaiting the same pivotal masterpiece of nature; a new day is dawning.

From my porch, I can see the endpoint of the twilight leading to the beginning of dawn. The eastern sky is beginning to brilliantly shine forth colors, with red-yellow and blue-black stripes. The random patches of clouds in the sky add to its aesthetic beauty. In the shadow of the clouds, the flight of the birds makes such a trail in the sky that I can’t help but express my appreciation for this spectacular view. Slowly, the sun appears with its glorious arms stretching wide on all sides. As the sun ascends from the horizon, the refreshing breeze grows warmer, energizing me with its rays.

The chrysanthemums and sunflowers in my garden seem to have known each other for centuries. While the sun is rising in the sky with full brightness, they cheerfully greet the light, responding to the sun’s movements as if they were conversing in their own language.

Not only plants and animals, but humans, too, are eager to welcome the arrival of the sun. I can see workers with tools in their hands heading for the local farms. They are ready to till the land while the soil is loose during the sunrise. I can even see the devotees of the sun immersing their bodies in the pond water and offering their respect to the rising sun by praying and chanting hymns.

While watching the sunrise, I feel everything under the smiling sun is enjoying the spectacular phenomenon along with me, each in its own way. Some converse amongst each other or with the sun, some play a game with its reflection, and others engage in their own lively activities. The rising sun unites the various parts of nature in the celebration of a new day. If only everyday was greeted with this much appreciation!

How does the sunrise speak to you?