By Jami Gibson

With Generation Y (those born between 1980 and 2000) making up a larger portion of the workforce each year, the culture of companies and the way we work are constantly changing. In a recent article on MSN, writer Amy Chulik identifies ways in which this sector of the workforce views work, and how that is re-shaping the workplace.

Chulik points out that while past generations showed their work ethic by working their way up the corporate ladder and sticking with the same company for years, Gen Y workers tend to show their job loyalty by working hard and being creative, even though they have a tendency to job-hop.

As Gen Y workers infiltrate the workplace, more companies will jump on the social media bandwagon. Gen Y has grown up with technology, and Chulik writes that they are not only comfortable with it, but dependent on it. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media outlets will be used in addition to more traditional methods of marketing, and the latest gadgets will keep workers connected regardless of where they are performing their work.

Further, Gen Y workers look for a workplace with flexibility. While some people might view this as an entitlement issue, this younger generation seeks a work-life balance that allows them to have a fulfilling job without sacrificing their home life and hobbies. Therefore,we will see a rise in companies allowing flexible working hours and remote office options to their employees.

Lastly, Gen Y workers are big on social issues. So whether this revolves around diversity in the workplace or support of green initiatives, Gen Y workers want to be employed by firms that actively embrace their values.

Do you see changes in your company’s culture or policies as a result of Generation Y workers?

Source: Chulik, A. (2011). Gen Y’s impact in the workplace. Retrieved from MSN Careers.