By Dean Whittaker

For those of us with a technology addiction, the New iPad definitely can scratch that itch.
After three weeks of use, I have found it to be a good addition to my ever-growing
collection of the “latest” technology including the iPad1 and 2.

To assist you in justifying a purchase of the New iPad, I have found the following:

1) Greater Bandwidth data transfer rate using G4 LTE (20 times faster than
G3); 20 megs up and down wireless speeds through the Verizon network.
(Verizon has rolled out their G4 much ahead of AT&T in most markets).

2) Enhanced camera – 5 mega-pixel meaning 3-4 times the image resolution of
the iPad2 outward facing camera.

3) Voice Recognition – the ability to dictate to all applications using an enhanced
microphone and a sub-set of SIRI (artificial intelligence). My experience is
that it is surprisingly accurate in its ability to convert speech to text but needs
wifi access to work.

4) Faster Graphics – greatly enhanced graphic processor makes any applications
that are graphic intensive more real (i.e. playing games).

5) Retina Display – a display with 4 times the resolution of the iPad2 and by far
the highest resolution on the market with HD (photographic quality) capability.
It makes an application (showing sites and buildings with Google Earth)
stunningly vivid (not to mention Netflix movies).

So, there you have five “reasons” why you should have one now! Otherwise, you can
wait a year until iPad4 comes along. In the meantime, you will be missing out on a lot
of fun while you wait. (Besides, your friends and family are waiting for you to pass along
your “old” iPad.)