By Stephanie Poll

A company’s website can be one of its main marketing tools, so keeping up with trends and technology can really have an impact. Here at Whittaker Associates we are working to make our website an even greater asset and resource tool for our clients and visitors. Currently, we’re adding search capability to our site.

By adding a search feature to our website, we will help visitors search our entire website for a certain newsletter article, case study, or other resource by keyword or phrase. No more scrolling through all the different pages of our website trying to find the exact thing you are looking for–just search for it using the new search box!

The hosted service that we have chosen to index our website search is called PicoSearch. It offers multiple plans, from free to paid plans, each with multiple options and features. Whether your company has a large or small website, PicoSearch has a plan to fit your needs. And the implementation is simple. When you choose from its many different site options, PicoSearch will put together the HTML code for you so all you have to do is copy and paste it into your site. One of the great features that I have run across is the Re-indexing feature. Instead of having to manually tell PicoSearch to go back and re-index your site when you have updated something, you can schedule it to automatically re-index based on how often your site gets updated–very convenient!

So if your company is looking to upgrade its website a bit, check out as a search feature addition. Here at Whittaker Associates, our search feature should be implemented very soon in order to give you, our clients and visitors, better access to our website.