By Stephanie Poll

A couple of months ago I wrote an article about RSS, Really Simple Syndication–what it is and how it can be used and implemented. Whittaker Associates has now added this feature for The Whittaker Report . Instead of receiving The Whittaker Report through a regular e-mail that we send out, you can now automatically receive up-to-date reports from our website, as long as you have some sort of RSS Reader.

So how can you take advantage of this feature? This first thing you need is a news reader, if you don’t already have one. There are many news readers (aggregators) to choose from.  If you are someone who is constantly on an e-mail program such as Outlook, RSS popper is a free downloadable reader that will incorporate right into Outlook.  If you are looking for something with more options, NewsGator is also available for Outlook for a small fee.  If you don’t have Outlook or are looking for more options, check out this website: .

The next step is to add the link for the RSS feed into your news reader. This is done differently depending on the reader that you have, but here is the necessary link: . Once you add this feed, you should get the stories from the current newsletter coming through. As these stories are changed and updated every month on our website, you will now automatically receive these new stories! The next step for us is creating an RSS button on our newsletter page, so that new clients or subscribers can click on that button to get the link for the feed.

If you are currently subscribed to our newsletter and get the RSS feed working, you might like to be taken off the e-mail distribution list. If so, please e-mail with the subject line ‘Unsubscribe’. Also, if you have any other questions regarding the set up of a news reader or the link to the feed, please feel free to contact me! Enjoy!