By Jami Gibson

During this season, when things seem to be winding down for the year, I always feel rejuvenated toward work and optimistic about the opportunities to come in the New Year. As I sit here reflecting on the past year of work, one thing really stands out to me: my dedicated colleagues.

Before we kick off a new project, we hold an alignment meeting to assign tasks, discuss project parameters, and brainstorm ideas. Since every project is different, our methods have to be tailored in order to produce optimum results for our clients. My colleagues never cease to amaze me with their brilliant, original, and creative ideas to ensure we deliver our best work to those who have put their trust in our services. Through our entire process, they show diligence, efficiency, and an incredible work ethic. Although there is a great level of autonomy in our day-to-day work, we come together as a team to accomplish our main goal: client satisfaction.

Despite the fact that we’re scattered throughout the world, we’ve maintained a seamless flow of work in one of the busiest fourth quarters I can remember in my seven and a half years with Whittaker Associates. It is very rewarding and fun to work with such dedicated individuals, and they have me looking forward to what is certain to be a bright 2013.

Whittaker Associates has some exciting developments happening in the New Year. Stay tuned to see what we’re up to!