by Pete Julius

The table below includes the industries that have the 25 top annual mean paying jobs. It is no surprise to see the top of the list dominated by technology-related industries. More importantly, these are the types of industries that are staying here in the United States instead of moving overseas to lower-cost countries. The industries in this list represent industries that are primarily either technology or support related. Technology-related industries include those industries that produce high value and innovative products or services. The support industries include those industries that are necessary for a local economy to survive and grow.

The table is broken out by North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS). It is ranked by annual mean salary. The table does also include industry by hourly mean. The top five NAICS by annual mean are securities and commodity exchanges (523200), software publishers (511200), securities and commodity contracts intermediation and brokerage (523100), other financial investment activities (523900), and computer-systems design and related services (541500).

523200Securities and Commodity Exchanges$36.63$76,190
511200Software Publishers$35.85$74,580
523100Securities and Commodity Contracts Intermediation and Brokerage$35.38$73,580
523900Other Financial Investment Activities$34.24$71,210
541500Computer Systems Design and Related Services$33.49$69,650
334100Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing$32.94$68,510
541700Scientific Research and Development Services$32.03$66,610
516100Internet Publishing and Broadcasting$30.29$63,000
518100Internet Service Providers and Web Search Portals$29.53$61,410
541100Legal Services$29.33$61,010
211100Oil and Gas Extraction$28.59$59,460
999100Federal Executive Branch and United States Postal Service (OES designation)$28.57$59,420
541600Management, Scientific, and Technical Consulting Services$28.30$58,860
525900Other Investment Pools and Funds$28.01$58,260
481100Scheduled Air Transportation$27.41$57,020
336400Aerospace Product and Parts Manufacturing$27.14$56,440
486100Pipeline Transportation of Crude Oil$27.11$56,380
334500Navigational, Measuring, Electromedical, and Control Instruments Manufacturing$27.07$56,300
541300Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services$27.06$56,290
221100Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution$26.83$55,810
334200Communications Equipment Manufacturing$26.53$55,180
621100Offices of Physicians$26.43$54,980
551100Management of Companies and Enterprises$26.40$54,920
486200Pipeline Transportation of Natural Gas$26.05$54,180
517100Wired Telecommunications Carriers$25.94$53,960

Source: BLS , May 2004