By Joel Burgess

About this time of year around my neck of the woods in West Michigan, many are looking for adventures. So, I thought I’d share a few travel tools I’ve come across that may be beneficial, no matter where you call home. As mentioned in a previous newsletter, a great place to start is allows you to search and compare many travel websites from one location.

The Top 25 Travel Websites by category according to CNN are:

Getting There – Booking flights (overall) – Researching low-fare carriers in Europe – Locating the best international airfares – Knowing when to book a flight

Getting Ideas – Booking hotels (Overall) – Finding last minute deals on luxury hotels – Previewing menus in the U.S. – Snagging a perfect seat – Dishing with “global foodies” – Customizing an itinerary – Planning a cruise

Getting Around – Mapping routes on U.S. public transportation – Driving directions in Europe – Creating comprehensive maps worldwide

The Basics – Converting currency – Finding reliable weather forecasts – Learning about safety abroad

8 Others to Watch – Prices from all international flights originating in the U.S. (including those of low-fare carriers) –Airfares tracking, e-mail updates on price drops, and information about loopholes for refunds – Compilation of on-the-ground travel videos from real people around the world – U.K.-based site, with a soon-to-launch U.S. version, helping you find a geographic compromise for travel – Compilation of all the juiciest global food news and opinions (by: New York Times writer Ed Levine) – Planning guide for complicated, multi-leg itineraries – Create your own handy before-you-leave checklists – A seemingly silly, surprisingly useful resource reviewing 12,000 public bathrooms in 120 countries

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By Xander Kaplan, Nina Willdorf, Tanvi Chheda, Jessica Shaw and Jennifer Welbel